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Your First Appointment

We won't just groom your dog or cat, we'll love them like our own and give them style. Please familiarize yourself with the following protocols so you can know what to expect from your grooming experience with 



All dogs and cats are required to have a rabies vaccine if they are older than 16 weeks. All pets must have have their vaccinations 48 hours prior to any grooming appointment.

We will accept proof of current rabies vaccine in the form of a certificate, typed vet record, verified e-mail with vet letterhead or service summary. We will not accept a rabies tag as valid proof because they do not contain the information that we require.

Grooming Etiquette

"Dirty Deeds" - Please take your pup to relieve themselves before their appointment.  Although we maintain a quiet home environment and do our best to style your pet expeditiously; the new sights, sounds, and smells could make them nervous. If we need to re-bathe your pet because of an 'oopsie' they will take longer to complete. Thank you for your understanding.

     Heat Cycle - To ensure a pleasant experience for everyone involved Furology does not groom ladies in heat. It is a messy situation for both us and your pup and let's be honest, there is no Midol for Puppers. It's best to wait until their cycle finishes.

     Medical Conditions - Please do not schedule an appointment if your dog has a           contagious skin fungus, disease, worms, fleas, flu symptoms, open wounds, or               stitches. Please disclose any known medical conditions (epilepsy, heart murmur,             etc...) before your appointment. Furology is not responsible for veterinarian             costs incurred while your pet is in our care due to an underlying medical condition         whether it is previously known or not.

Post-Groom Pickup - We will text you when we have roughly 15 minutes of work left on your pet. Please arrive promptly for pickup, we are appointment based and pride ourselves on punctuality and our ability to provide 1 on 1 attention to all of our guests. We don't like to have our furry guests waiting on their parents for too long.

Appointment Cancelations

Cancellation Policy - Kids get sick, tires go flat, hangovers happen. We get it! We ask for 48 hour advance notice for cancelations.  Chronic last-minute cancelations will require you to prepay for your pet's service.

No Show Policy - Furology confirms all appointments via text or e-mail. No Shows kill our livelihood, increase service prices for all of our guests and they are not tolerated. You are responsible for 100% of your grooming visit if you do not show up. Prepayment will be required for future appointments and you will be charged an additional No Show fee equal to the cost of your missed appointment. Moral of the story? Don't stand up your hair dresser, your nail tech, or your groomer.

Thank your for taking the time to read and understand our protocols at Furology. Your cooperation and understanding ensures our ability to provide both you and your dog/cat with our high standards of professionalism, customer service, and care.



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