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Puppy Bath

Puppy Grooming

Puppy Intro Services

Furology provides professional, fun, caring and safe dog grooming for the canine companions of the Raleigh Durham area. We are a cage-free in home salon and all guests receive personalized 1-1 attention during their stay with us.

All puppies regardless of breed should be introduced to professional grooming around 12 weeks old. This ensures a solid foundation for your beloved pup and they will be trained to love their spa day. At Furology we recommend grooming every 2-3 weeks for puppies between 12 and 20 weeks old. Puppies that are used to grooming turn into dogs that are confident and excited to be brought into the grooming salon!

Our Puppy Intro service includes a nail trim, ear cleaning, luxury bath, creme rinse, teeth brushing, brush out and blow dry. During this Intro service we will also slowly introduce your furry bundle of joy to the sound and feel of hair clippers, shears, and other tools. We will spend time training them special "tricks" like standing on the grooming table and sitting in the bath. Everything will be done slowly and at your puppy's pace.

The Puppy Intro service does not include any hair trimming. Introducing a puppy to grooming will take time; jumping right in with a haircut is often too overwhelming. We take a methodical approach and will move onto the next step when your puppy is ready. Some puppies can handle a light trim around the eyes, feet, and bum after the first visit. Some puppies take 2-3 visits; the important thing to remember is that we are taking the time to build trust and create a relationship with your fur baby. 

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